Cilji razvojnega dela

Da bi dr. John Grinder lahko sodeloval pri razvojnem delu, komunikacija na tem področju poteka v angleškem jeziku.

Goal is a production of self application techniques:

  1. That produces very fast and powerful change of state.
  2. That are user friendly and produce quick and sustainable change.

  • Logical levels
  • Scientific methods



  • Analysis of existing techniques and definition of underling principles.
  • Search for other principles.
  • Experimenting with principles and integration into new techniques.
  • Design of additional New Code games and activities.


Defining groups of activities of the same logical type:

  • Analysis of existing New Code games and activities and definition of underlying principles (1).
  • Defining other activities that belong to the same logical type (same underlying principles).
  • Testing the effects of chosen activities and their combinations.
  • Design of additional New Code games and activities.

(Looking for) Simultaneity:

  • Defining groups of different states.
  • Choosing states that are far apart (criteria are physiology cues and practitioners subjective experience of states).
  • Definition of the processes that are occurring before, during or after the substantial change of state (2).
  • Testing what kind of effects defined processes have when they are applied in different representational systems, testing the effects they have when they occur in combinations;
  • Creatively defining (3) other processes that in some contexts belong to the same logical type, and testing some of them.
  • Design of additional New Code games and activities.


  • Programmers calibrate Practitioners while they are applying the techniques on themselves
  • Practitioners give feedback immediately.
  • Practitioners give feedback about long term effect.


  1. Our definitions of principles will influence all the subsequent operations and consequently results. Definitions will depend on level of generalisation, amount of deletion and distortion. Because of that we will produce several definitions, create several hypothesis and do several experiments.

    We are aware that a distortion in that process could play important role in a way towards developing new activities and could be even more efficient (there are several examples in science where mistakes and coincidences bring to unexpected insights and discoveries). So sometimes we will be imprecise deliberately.
  2. We could describe this process with the proverb ” Where the smoke is there has to be fire”. We are aware that some of the processes that are occurring approximately at the same time are not necessary connected and we are also aware that many of them are connected. So we will test them and use efficient ones as leverage point in changing the state.
  3. Jumping trough different logical types.

    What are the criterias for defining which processes are of the same logical type? We will use different contexts in this step to widen areas for gaining ideas. So if we say that during some change of state there is increase in body pressure we could chose some other context with increasing pressure and define other processes. In context of boiling water there is also an increase in temperature. So question could be: Can we do something to change temperature of the practitioner and how would this effect his or her state? What would do the same for the practitioner that heating is doing to the water?


Naročam se na brezplačne e-novice in soglašam, da mi NLP inštitut do preklica na spodaj vpisan e-poštni naslov občasno (približno 2 x mesečno) pošilja novice:

  • o storitvah in dogodkih, ki jih izvaja (brezplačne in plačljive delavnice, e-delavnice, coachingi, e-programi in morebitni drugi dogodki, ki jih bodo organizirali) na temo NLP-ja, osebnostne rasti, povečanja poslovne učinkovitosti in komunikacije ter sorodne teme;
  • o člankih na temo NLP-ja in druge teme s področja osebnostne rasti;
  • o uporabnih nasvetih s področja osebnostne in poklicne rasti;
  • o najnovejših znanstvenih dognanjih glede NLP-ja in
  • o popustih, ki sem jih deležen kot naročnik na e-novice.

S prijavo na e-novice potrjujem, da sem prebral in razumel Politiko varstva osebnih podatkov NLP inštituta in Pravilnik o varovanju osebnih podatkov NLP inštituta.